Life of the Association

15 September 2017

European Horse Network Board Meeting in Chantilly

EPMA attended on 12 September the European Horse Network (EHN) Board in Chantilly

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses as well as Au Dela des Pistes (promotion of retraining racehorses in France) were presented.

Such initiative to improve education on lifetime care, including end of life is to the benefit of the entire horse industry.

EHN Board announces its next Equine Conference in the European Parliament on 7 November to focus on Trade issues and the impact of Brexit and on Equestrian Sport innovations, such as standards for sustainable events, cross-borders agreements for the movement of horses. EHN will hold its General Assembly meeting the same day in Brussels.

Life of the Association

14 September 2017

Betting on Sport and Racing Conference in London

EPMA attended the Betting on Sport and Racing Conference on 13 September in London

Issues challenging the UK gambling market were debated, the coming reform limiting stakes on FOBTs (fixed-odd betting machines), the opening of the Tote betting licence on horseracing in 2018, the adaptation of the Racing media rights, the possibility to offer in-play betting on horseracing.

BHA announced the creation of a Racing & Betting Liaison Group to work on new interactions between betting and racing businesses and work on long term issues.

Life of the Association

1 September 2017

EPMA September Agenda

EPMA Board meeting on 1st September to discuss the next step of the Global Bet

EPMA is meeting Belgian Racing representatives on 7 September in Brussels

EPMA is attending on 12 September the European Horse Network Board in Chantilly

EPMA visits Au Dela des Pistes on 12 September in Chantilly for the promotion of retraining racehorses

EPMA is attending the Betting on Sport Conference on 13 September in London

EPMA and AATA (Asian Tote) Board members meet in Paris on 29 September to prepare common actions and events in 2018

Life of the Association

17 July 2017

European Parliament MEP Horse group

EPMA attended MEP Horse Group in the European Parliament. The European Horse Network members raised awareness of the many economic and environmental benefits of Equestrian Tourism, a fast-growing activity.

Equestrian tourism corresponds perfectly to the orientations of the European tourism policy, slow and sustainable tourism with the valorisation of local cultural and tourist assets.

Horse Races are also an attractive tourist destination and Beach Racing events in 7 European countries were presented.

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Life of the Association

7 July 2017

European Commission CAP Conference

EPMA attended the European Commission Conference "CAP: Have your Say!” The Agricultural Policy after 2020 is being prepared today and the open consultation process has received more than 322 000 contributions.

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EPMA took note of the important presence of Environmental and Animal Welfare organisations. The future CAP will for sure be greener but horse breeders must not be forgotten in the process.

Life of the Association

21 June 2017

European Horse Network Legal group

EPMA attended the European Horse Network Legal Group gathering legal experts from 11 organisations to discuss health, identification, sales and ethics issues in future legislative proposals

Life of the Association

15 June 2017

EPMA welcomes 2 new members during Lausanne General Assembly meeting

EPMA welcomes 2 new members during Lausanne General Assembly meeting
Danske Spil/Dantoto and AmTote, horse betting operators in Denmark and US

EPMA members will work on the next step on the Global Bet by testing new ideas on customers and prepare an ambitious Racing and Betting Forum for 2018.

EPMA and AATA (Asian Tote) Board members will meet on 29 September in Paris to collaborate on long term issues.

Life of the Association

4 May 2017

3 May 2017 - EPMA attended the MEP Horse Group meeting hosted by Jean Arthuis on future agricultural policy in the European Parliament

At this beginning of consultation for the future CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), the objective of the meeting was to show the place of the horse in agriculture and its numerous benefits. Will Lambe, Director of Public Affairs and Policy at British Horseracing Authority, showed the many advantages of the return from betting in France and the newly implemented UK Betting levy for a sustainable future of the industry.

On 21 April, the European Commission has endorsed the reform of the existing UK Horserace Betting Levy scheme as in line with EU state aid rules. Like for the French Parafiscal Tax in 2013, the Commission has approved the measure because it recognises that it is essential for the improvement of horse breeding and horseracing without giving rise to undue distortions of competition, a model to spread.

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Life of the Association

4 April 2017

EPMA attended and moderated the European session at the Equine Economic Conference in Paris on 28 March

A comparative study of European and national legislations applicable to Equines has been presented. The study details Regulations on health, identification, betting, taxation, welfare at EU level and in 11 countries. The study will be available in English at the end of April.

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