Life of the Association

17 January 2018

EPMA next meetings

27 January
EPMA attends UET General Assembly in Vincennes

6 February
EPMA organises its Board meeting in London to discuss International structure feasibility and topics for Racing & Betting Forum 2018

7 February
EPMA Responsible Gaming Working Group meets in London to focus on behavioural tools. Experts from Silverfish, Neccton and BetBuddy/Playtech will attend. Regulators from UK and Norway are invited.

22 February
EPMA attends the European Horse Network Board meeting in Brussels.

Life of the Association

19 December 2017

Season’s Greetings

Life of the Association

18 November 2017

EPMA attended Norsk Rikstoto Legal Seminar in Oslo

Norwegian Horse Betting operator gathered racing and academics representatives to exchange on illegal betting and integrity issues. Jan Petter Sissener, Chairman and Harald Dorum, CEO of Rikstoto reaffirmed their engagement to the integrity of sport (neutrality and transparency of the Tote betting system) and responsibility to protect customers (100% registration and monitoring) and obligation to finance the horse industry (16500 people employed in Norway). As acting Chairman of EPMA, Harald Dorum detailed the work done inside EPMA to reach responsible gaming standards as well as security standards to combat fraud and fixing.

Laurent Vidal, professor in Sorbonne university and specialist of sport law insisted on the benefit to exchange information between regulators to fight against illegal betting (still representing 80% of the betting market). Atle Hamar, CEO of the Norwegian Gaming Authority improves the fight against illegal betting (€ 135 million in NO) with an efficient payment blocking system and the improved analysis of transactions. Sven Erik Lauvas, MP in Norwegian Parliament and chair of the Horseracing Intergroup supports the idea to organise a conference on illegal betting with his colleague MPs from different Nordic Parliament.

Life of the Association

7 November 2017

EPMA attended the European Horse Network Annual Conference in the European Parliament in Brussels

European Horse Network met the MEP Horse Group led by Jean Arthuis at the European Parliament in Brussels to discuss the impact of Brexit on the horse industry. While demonstrating the excellence of the European equine sector, Mr Arthuis wanted to highlight the constraints and uncertainties related to Brexit which will impact the movement of horses, employment, and agricultural funding.

Belgian MEP Hilde Vautmans, who is also very involved in the group, showed the innovations of European equestrian sport, green events for FEI, new educational concepts and attractive popular events.

The conference was attended by more than 70 participants, MEPs, French parliamentarians, agricultural attachés, officials of the European Commission and many representatives of the equine sector.

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Life of the Association

7 November 2017

EPMA attended European Horse Network General Assembly Meeting in Brussels.

26 representatives reviewed 2017 activities: EHN has improved its network by organising meetings with Members of the Parliament on Equestrian Tourism and Future CAP. EHN Presidents became more engaged and shared new ideas on how to promote the Equine industry last July. EHN Legal Group launched in June, had its second meeting on 6/11 with 15 active participants closely looking at 7 topics to coordinate and improve EHN advocacy.

Mark Wentein, EHN Chairman, reminded that it was gratifying for EHN to be named in a parliamentarian report adopted in March, thanks to Julie Girling and her report on Responsible Equine Care voted at a very large majority. He was also very positive to have cooperated to the publication of IFCE on EU laws on equine – a reference book. Mark Wentein was re-elected as Chairman as well as EPMA as members of the Board.

Life of the Association

27 October 2017

EPMA attended the French Annual Horse Conference in Angers

Organisers invited personalities who were reinventing the Equine Environment through innovative media and new technologies: Paris Turf, racing media is developing new services thanks to daily data collection in Racing and Exalt, a new tracking system, ATG, swedish betting operator and EPMA member, is also looking into its tracking system, pushing it further in Raceview, Nathan Horrocks creator of Equine Production is investing in wonderful features, making the sport (racing and jumping) look amazing, Equimov, the first AirBnB for horse owners.

Life of the Association

2 October 2017

Annual Conference of International Federation of Horseracing Authorities in Paris

Horse Betting was on the agenda of the annual conference of the Horseracing authorities in Paris. The CEOs of the 3 biggest Tote operators worldwide, Japan Racing, Hong Kong Jockey Club and PMU, presented their strategy on International Racing.

Brexit consequences were also presented. A “painful topic” for thoroughbred and equestrian competition horses in Britain, Ireland, France and beyond if the tripartite agreement (TPA), which has allowed free movement of horses between the three major powers of Europe since the 1960s, will disappear. The restrictions imposed on the UK will penalise Irish and French interests, but also the other European nations which maintain trading activities with the UK. The 3 countries represent 87% of the Thoroughbred births. All 3 have to invent a new system that allows easy movement between them.

> Video replays and presentations available

Life of the Association

29 September 2017

EPMA / AATA Joint Board in Paris

EPMA and AATA (Asian-African Tote) Board members discussed the feasibility of cooperating inside an International structure and prepare an innovative Racing & Betting Event for 2018. A working document on both issues will be prepared and discussed at the end of January.

Life of the Association

15 September 2017

European Horse Network Board Meeting in Chantilly

EPMA attended on 12 September the European Horse Network (EHN) Board in Chantilly

The International Forum for the Aftercare of Racehorses as well as Au Dela des Pistes (promotion of retraining racehorses in France) were presented.

Such initiative to improve education on lifetime care, including end of life is to the benefit of the entire horse industry.

EHN Board announces its next Equine Conference in the European Parliament on 7 November to focus on Trade issues and the impact of Brexit and on Equestrian Sport innovations, such as standards for sustainable events, cross-borders agreements for the movement of horses. EHN will hold its General Assembly meeting the same day in Brussels.